Meet The Team

Luke Powell - Founder

Hey! My name is Luke. I am the Co-founder of, it’s great to have you here at our site. With a combined 20 years of experience, we can help you build the home that you want, specific to your requirements and lifestyle. 

Not everyone fits the same mold, and the same goes with houses. Your home should be a reflection of you, your lifestyle, and your family, and we want to help you create a home that demonstrates that. 

I have worked in construction since I left High School. My Dad ran his own construction company, taught me everything he knows, and I have since taken on the family business. 

Now, we help customers with all manner of home construction needs. From knocking down walls, to building extensions, detached outhouses, porches, adding bathrooms, garages, or even flooring. 

With a team of electricians, plumbers, designers, handy-men and decorators on our side we can cover all of your home renovation needs. 

While we specialize in building custom homes, we can also help you out with the smaller tasks. The little things add up, and can change the overall feel of the room, or of your home entirely. 

No task is too small. We can guide you and offer advice, no matter if you are filling in gaps in the wall, hiding cords, or simply fixing up construction mistakes. We love to help, and strive to do so in any way that we can. 

As a father myself, with a large family I am the go-to handyman in my home. My wife always finds snags and changes that she wants made, and I am happy to help if it brings her joy! 

But not everyone had the Dad that I did to teach them all the ways of DIY. So, if you’re unsure, I am here to be that person for you. 

I hope that you can find all of the answers you are looking for on our site!

Rhianna Powell - Co-Founder

Hey everyone! I’m Rhianna. I am one of the founders of, working alongside my husband, Luke. 

When I met Luke, I was fresh out of college. I studied interior design, and we just clicked from the moment we met. We bonded over our love of home design, and he welcomed me into his family immediately. 

What I enjoyed the most about Luke and his family is their love of renovating. It was more of a family passion rather than a hardship, or a task that needed to be done. I realized that it was not just a case of wanting to change up their home all the time, but more a way of bonding and creating something that was perfectly tailored to their family. 

When we got married, I knew I wanted the same for our own little family. 

Being part of the Powells has made me a bit of a DIY expert. They have taught me so much, and I love being able to touch up, alter, and freshen up our home myself.

Now, I can help by writing articles to provide insight and information to others hoping to learn and develop while customizing their own homes. 

I hope that you find our articles helpful, easy to understand, and that we can help you fix up, and make your house picture-perfect for you!


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