How Much Is A Cord Of Wood?

Wood has been used as a vital tool for humanity for generation after generation. It has practical uses that range from building, to lighting fires to provide warmth.

Even today, wood is still frequently used, and is a popular component in building various architectural delights, and creating campfires. 

how much is a cord of wood?

The only problem is, actually getting your hands on some wood to use in construction, or to build a campfire can sometimes prove difficult.

Wood can often be expensive, and you may often need to buy it in bulk in order to have enough for whatever project you plan to use it for. 

In fact, that’s probably why you are reading this right now. You’ve come here because you’ve heard about a cord of wood, and now you’re looking to pick one up for yourself.

However, you’re finding yourself unsure what the actual cost of a cord of wood would be. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. 

Dive in down below, because today we are going to give you all of the information you could need! 

What Is A Cord Of Wood?

Most of the time, when the average layperson hears the term ‘Cord of wood’, they tend to think of a cord quite literally made of wood, but they often find themselves surprised to hear that it is actually a measurement for measuring specific units of wood. 

A cord of wood simply refers to a set of wood organized in a structured and compact form that occupies a space of 128 cubic feet. A cord is most commonly sold as one set unit, giving you a specific amount of wood that fits within that space. 

Though historical records are unclear, it is believed that the term ‘Cord’ has been derived from the implement used to measure the wood. Wood was likely stacked and then measured using a piece of cord. 

How Much Does A Cord Of Wood Cost?

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to say definitively how much a cord of wood costs, because the cost will depend on how much the individual seller is planning to price the cord of wood at! 

The general average price of a cord of wood has commonly been recorded at around $300, but this price is very volatile and is subject to change at a moment’s notice.

The price of a cord of wood can be affected by a number of things. Let’s take a look at these, so you can find yourself a cord of wood that does not break the bank!

how much is a cord of wood?

The Type Of Wood

Of course, one thing that greatly impacts the price of a cord of wood is the wood itself. If the cord is made up of hardwood, then it will usually cost much more than a cord of softwood! 

Wood such as cherry wood can even cost as much as $900 for a single cord! Hardwood species like pine can cost as little as $150 for a cord, so make sure to carefully consider the type of wood you are looking for. 

The Season

Wood can also change in value depending on the season and whether or not the wood has been allowed to dry after being cut. 

Wood that is sold in the summer may cost less in a cord than in the Winter, when people may need to use wood to stoke their fires.

Wood that has been allowed to dry out is referred to as ‘Seasoned’. Seasoning wood usually takes around six months to two years, as the moisture content is extracted from the wood. 

Wood that has been seasoned often costs much more, because it produces better fire with less smoke. 

The cost of your cord of wood could depend on when you need the wood, and what you need it for.

The Location

The location can also be a crucial factor in affecting the price of a cord of wood. If a cord of wood is produced in an area that has dense wooded areas, then the wood will cost less, because it is more abundant.

Where possible, you should try your best to purchase a cord of wood that is close to home, as it is much more environmentally conscious, seeing as the wood does not then have to be shipped over a massive distance, which would cost you a lot more!

Can You Buy Part Of A Cord Of Wood?

Yes. If you wanted to buy some wood but didn’t need a full cord’s worth of it, then you could definitely buy something like a half cord or even a quarter cord.

Again, the cost of these will depend massively on the factors we discussed above! 

Would You Save Money By Chopping Wood Yourself?

At this point, you might be wondering if you could save money by chopping wood yourself. If you had access to plenty of wood, then you certainly could save money by chopping it up for yourself.

However, you should be careful to consider the amount of effort and strength this would require. 

Chopping down trees, and even chopping logs of wood can be very dangerous if not done carefully, so it is best recommended to rely on a professional.

However, at that point, you would need to spend a hefty sum on their services where you could have probably saved a lot more money by simply buying a cord! 

To Wrap Up

There you have it! Though it might be difficult to say definitively how much a cord of wood will always cost, we can say for certain that the general average is around $300. 

Make sure to carefully consider all of the factors we discussed above that can affect the price of a cord of wood, so that you can make sure you don’t get ripped off!

Make sure to also check a cord of wood personally to ensure that there is not too much space between each piece of wood so that you aren’t spending too much just to get a hold of air!

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