How Much Does It Cost To Install 1,000 Square Feet Of Laminate Floors?

Many people love the appearance of a good hardwood floor but are then immediately discouraged by the price.

That’s why many people have been turning to laminate flooring, which offers the same aesthetic at less cost. 

How Much Does It Cost To Install 1,000 Square Feet Of Laminate Floors

However, you might wonder how much it will cost to install 1,000 square feet of laminate flooring.

In this article, we’ll tell you what factors you need to consider, how much the materials and labor will cost, and the pros and cons of choosing laminate. Now, let’s dive in.

What Is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate is one of the most popular flooring options currently available in the United States. Many assume it’s a type of plastic, but it’s a combination of wood fiberboard and resin.

It is made from four layers: the back, core, design, and wear layers. 

It is a pretty tough flooring that is incredibly versatile, as it is made from tough top layers and several coats of clear melamine and aluminum oxide (see also “Can You Weld Aluminum?“).

When you’re looking for an affordable and durable option for your floors, laminate may be the first to come to mind. 

How Much Do Laminate Floors Cost?

Laminate flooring itself doesn’t cost much. It’s an affordable material that can cost anywhere between $2 and $11 per square foot.

However, this won’t necessarily include labor costs. For 1,000 square feet of laminate flooring, you could be looking at as low as $2,000 or as high as $11,000. 

The price of your laminate flooring will depend on several factors, including how thin your flooring is and where you need it installed. Including additional labor costs, and you’ll be looking at a higher price tag.

As there are different types of laminate flooring, there may be some that require more care when placing than others. 

There are also additional factors that you should consider if you’re thinking about making the shift to this material. 

Factors You Should Consider

Not only should you consider the price of your materials, but you should also consider how much it will cost to lay the laminate flooring down on your floor. 

First, you’ll need to remove your old flooring. While laminate flooring can be placed on old flooring, we recommend removing the old flooring beneath it so that it remains even.

Removing old flooring can cost anywhere between per square foot or $70 per hour (see also “How Much Does It Cost To Install Tile Per Square Foot?“).

You may also need to repair or replace your subfloor, depending on the material and any additional labor costs.

You’ll also need to remember to check the warranty to know how many years your flooring is covered and the level of durability of your flooring.

To check the durability of your flooring, all you need to do is check its AC rating. This rating is assessed between 1 and 5, with 5 being the highest.

However, you’re fine if it’s ranked at AC 4, as you would find that AC 5 is only found in commercial buildings. Of course, you should also consider where you plan to put your flooring, as the foot traffic will affect its durability.

The appearance of your laminate flooring can also have a significant impact on the durability and feel of it. Some laminate flooring comes with an underlay that will help to cushion your flooring.

They also have different textures and different thickness levels. All of these can factor into your additional costs.

Overall, the cost of your laminate flooring will depend on where you bought it from. Each state will have a different price range, so if you’re interested, keep an eye on prices closer to home. 

Pros And Cons Of Laminate Flooring

Now that you’ve considered how much it will cost you to install your laminate flooring, it’s time to weigh the pros and cons. There’s a reason that this type of flooring is so popular, so let’s get into the specifics.

The best thing about laminate flooring is that it’s both affordable and easy to maintain. It won’t cost you a lot of money to maintain it, and it’s durable too.

All you need to do to maintain it is vacuum, sweep, or mop it with a little bit of water. You’ll also find that you can match your laminate flooring to your own aesthetic and style.

It makes it a versatile material that you shouldn’t have any issues fitting into your home.

However, a few issues might deter you from investing in laminate flooring. See, laminate flooring isn’t waterproof, and if you have too much water damage, it can ruin them.

It’s not an easy fix when this happens either, as while laminate flooring is durable, it can’t be refinished or sanded down. They’ll need to be replaced if they get too damaged. 

Final Thoughts

Laminate floors are an easy and affordable solution for anyone looking for a sleek design. If you’re interested in laminate, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s not that expensive.

In fact, for 1,000 square feet, you could be looking anywhere from $2,000 to $11,000.

However, we haven’t included labor costs here, but as laminate can be placed on top of older floors and is easy to install, this shouldn’t put your budget back too much.

If you’re interested in installing laminate flooring, feel free to consult with a local professional to find out if it’s the best choice for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Average Labor Cost To Install Laminate Flooring?

The average labor cost to install laminate flooring is anywhere between $4 and $8 for each square foot.

How Long Does It Take To Install 1,000 Square Feet Of Laminate Flooring?

If you go with a professional installer, you’ll find that they can install 1,000 square feet of laminate within a day or two.

How Do You Estimate Laminate Flooring?

Get a tape measure to determine your room’s length and width. Multiply the length by the width, and you’ll get the square footage you need.

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