Concrete Contractors in Kalamazoo – Powell Custom Homes

After the lot has been prepared, the foundation is ready to be poured.

Concrete Contractor

Everyone has heard the adage “a house is only as good as the foundation on which it rests”. At Powell Custom Homes we take this statement quite literally.                                                                

A bad foundation could lead to a multitude of problems including: cracks in walls, issues with opening or closing windows and doors, sagging floors, moisture penetration, or insect infestations. All of these problems can become quite costly which is why it is so important that your concrete foundation is poured correctly the first time.

In addition to foundations, Powell Custom Homes is a full service concrete contractor specializing in decorative concrete, stamped concrete, stained concrete, and polished concrete.

When it comes to concrete the possibilities are endless. New driveway, new basement, new floor for the garage of your dreams or a custom stained sidewalk and driveway. Our team of concrete experts will take you step-by-step from design to concept to completion. Whether it's a small additional, a remodel, or a brand new project, let us guide you through the process.