Where should you start when renovating a house?

The journey of renovating a home can be overwhelming at the very beginning as you consider how to get started. Like every journey, it must begin with a single step. Having bought a house that you have identified as needing some work, you should work with your contractor to develop a map to shape how you will structure your renovation efforts.

Bring in your team that you have assembled for the project – everyone from the plumbing and electrician to carpenter – to provide you with a detailed list and report of the issues identified along with remediation plans for taking care of them. This report should be the beginning blueprint of your renovation efforts. Having such a detailed master checklist in hand in advance will help ensure that you don’t make costly errors that are difficult to remedy later, such as discovering that you make the wrong choice about hardwood floors versus carpeting. The list will help provide you with transparency and a sense of order about the decisions being made. 

You may likely begin by addressing structural elements first to ensure that a solid foundation is in place for the home’s flooring and roof support. Electrical issues will likely come next, followed by plumbing issues – slowly bringing these essential services for your home online. Throughout this process, your contractors will likely also be making important decisions about the aesthetics of your home, such as selecting where lighting and plumbing fixtures will be located. 

As it should be clear by now, keeping track of the moving pieces within each step of the homebuilding journey can be a daunting task to manage by yourself. You are well advised to work with a dedicated project manager or most likely an expert contractor (such as the highly regarded team in southern Michigan’s Powell Custom Homes). They understand that no home project is exactly alike and a cookie-cutter approach won’t do, which is why they work closely with clients to develop the work plan that best makes sense for their home.