How much do custom garage cabinets cost?

The cost for custom garage cabinets will almost always vary quite a bit with the specific needs of your unique project. You may be able to purchase standard garage shelves for as little as $50 at most major retailers like Home Depot…but if you are looking to create something a bit more special and attuned to your garage, it may cost a bit more working with a professional. On the upside, however, a custom garage cabinet can also contribute to ultimately increasing the value of your home in the long run.

With the right cabinet set-up, you can enhance your garage with convenient places to store your tools and keep your garage organized. 

If you are apprehensive about the sticker shock of a potentially expensive upgrade, be sure that you have fully explored your options and gotten a solid estimate on how much you could expect to pay. In the Kalamazoo area, reach out to the team at Powell Custom Homes to discuss your project and what you envision for your ideal custom garage cabinet. They pride themselves on dedicated customer service, walking you through all of your options until you can make a confident decision on how to move forward with installing custom garage cabinets.