How do you plan building a house?

There are a number of steps that go into the process of building your own custom home. The process generally begins with the idea phase and conceiving both what you would like your custom home to look like and what kind of property you need to work with to make it happen. Keep in mind what you hope the property to look like in the future as well; if you are interested in a quiet, secluded lifestyle, you likely won’t want to build in a development that will be filled with new homes and new neighbors in the years ahead. If you want to be able to walk a few blocks in the morning to get your cup of coffee, you will need to be looking in quite a different atmosphere. The old real estate axiom is true – your ultimate satisfaction is rooted in location, location, location.  

You will want to do your due diligence in advance to ensure that your envisioned home can properly fit the property when it comes to questions for space and utilities, along with essentials like high-speed cable for internet. I have heard stories of new home builders who get so wrapped up in the big picture design of their home that they forget to make any plans for the internet set-up and are left with no web access until weeks after they have moved into their home. 

In the end, there is no reason that you need to navigate all of these complex steps completely on your own. Do yourself a favor and work with professionals, like the respected team in Kalamazoo’s Powell Custom Homes – they can help you identify and select the right property for you and demystify each of the steps along the journey to building your own custom dream home.