Where to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck in a Home Remodel

Home remodels are a great way to spruce up a home whether your budget is big or small. A project that renovates a room, an area of the home, or a system in the home will make an impact on the entire home.

home remodel - new cabinets

Sometimes a simple kitchen spruce up or some landscaping work will take an average home to one that feels more like a beautiful space to live and thrive in. You can find the biggest bang for your buck when you choose remodeling jobs such as the ones below.


What’s better than a fresh coat of paint that changes the whole mood of a room? This is an area worth spending on the higher quality paint products to make sure you get it right the first time. Bring home some paint samples to see what it’s going to look like in different lighting and what mood the room evokes with different shades.

You can brighten the trim up with high-gloss paint in a lighter color to really bring out a fresh look to a room. A good neutral color like gray or white will allow for more decorating varieties in other areas of the room.


Another area that is going to change the whole look of a room with one simple change is your flooring. Many older homes have old carpet that reminds you that the home is old. Changing out that old carpet for everything fresh will feel great for your family.

Many modern homes are going with hardwood flooring now because of how beautiful it makes a room while also giving the homeowner an easier floor to maintain. Change to a hard floor in your common spaces, carpet in your bedrooms, and tile in your bathrooms for a fresh look and feel.


Whether you’re buying a home or remodeling your own, a bathroom update will make a house feel so much fresher and newer. There are so many great finishes that modern bathrooms are using, from beautiful vanities to luxurious shower tiles.

Sometimes all it takes is a good re-grouting job on your tiles, but it might be time to update that bathroom and incorporate a brand new tub, shower head, vanity, paint, and flooring. You might as well update your towels and bathroom accessories too!


Kitchens can feel like an overwhelming and expensive job, but it’s easy to remodel parts of the room to make this shared space feel so much more welcoming. Putting in new cabinets or painting the ones you have will make a bold statement in the room, just as a new counter top or backsplash would.

If you want to change everything, update appliances, sinks and faucets, hardware, and cabinets. Otherwise, it may be time to add in a kitchen island or touch up one of the mentioned areas for a fresh look.

Energy efficiency

You’ll experience a huge bang for your buck when you update a home with more energy efficiency in mind. Energy efficient upgrades won’t be as noticeable aesthetically as your bathroom and kitchen updates, but you’ll find that your wallet will thank you. You can upgrade the HVAC, windows, water heaters, or even install solar panels. These will all give you a positive return on your investment. 

Basement and attic

If you’ve been putting up finishing your basement or attic, this might be the project that really needs your attention. A finished basement or attic could lead to more common spaces, another bedroom, or another area of the home to work on your favorite hobbies. Many people can convert that basement r attic into a guest room, a wet bar, or a man cave.


Lastly, don’t forget how much the exterior affects everyday life. Your landscaping can add color to the home which will be beautiful to look at as you sit on a brand new deck or patio addition. Add some outdoor lights, a fire pit, and a fresh coat of paint to the home and you’ll find you have an area of the home that everyone will want to gather.

These are a few ways that you can get the most bang for your buck in a home remodel.