What are the Responsibilities of a Custom Home Builder?

Hiring a custom home builder means you're putting someone in charge of building your new home. It's important to know what your builder is supposed to do for you. Here are the main responsibilities of a custom home builder.

Handle the Design and Building Permits

Most custom home builders will start by creating the right design for your new home. They may have an in-house team for the design portion or a design company they work with. It's also possible the custom builder will offer specific models, which you can customize with features, amenities, and upgrades.

In addition, your custom builder will obtain all necessary building permits before starting any work.

Subcontractor Management

Building a home requires several elements and each element requires a subcontractor. Your custom home builder will coordinate and manage the many subcontractors from plumbers to electricians to carpenters.

Throughout the building process, they will make sure each subcontractor is performing the necessary duties and delivering the work on time.

Monitor the Costs

Throughout the design and construction process, your custom home builder will also monitor the costs. They will make sure you remain informed of any changes to the quoted costs. Your builder will also supply any lien release waivers for completed work and collect money for change orders.

Ensure Building to Code

When you hire a custom home builder, they take on the responsibility of ensuring your home is built to the codes set forth by the local government. Building codes and designer guidelines are vital to the project and your builder will ensure all subcontractors are performing the proper duties and using the right techniques for your home.

Complete Initial Inspection

Once the home has been built, your custom home builder will complete an inspection with you to ensure everything has been built to your specifications. They will look for any defects or unfinished work to create a list of items needing to be done before the home becomes move-in ready.

Fix Any Issues

After the initial inspection is done, the builder will work with subcontractors to fix any issues found. This may include repainting if the wrong color was used, swapping out fixtures, or fixing any defective parts of the home. Anything not completed to the specifications of the original design will be addressed and fixed.

Gain a Certificate of Occupancy

Once everything has been fixed and the home has been fully built, your builder will have the city or county do a final inspection. As long as everything has passed, they will issue a certificate of occupancy, which allows the builder to turn the home over to you.

Provide Advice for Maintenance

The final responsibility of a custom home builder is to provide you with advice about how to maintain the home. This may include advice on how to maintain specific units within the home and general knowledge on home maintenance.

Your custom home builder has many responsibilities to handle. Make sure you hire the right builder for your new home as you don't want a builder unwilling to take their responsibilities seriously.

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