Top 5 Home Remodels That Will Boost Your Property Value

When you want to remodel your home, a fresh coat of paint or new flooring can make it feel like a brand new space. Updates like floors, paint, kitchen updates, and bathroom updates can be wonderful for you to enjoy and ones that buyers in the future will enjoy too.

Some remodels like these can actually boost your property value and will make a huge impact on your future reselling opportunities. Take a look at the home remodels that not only will you love, but will boost your property value when the time comes to sell.

Adding a deck

People want to enjoy their outdoor space more and you can do this by making it designed better for entertaining. Start with adding a wooden deck to your backyard space if you have a big enough yard to enjoy one. This will likely cost thousands of dollars, but you’ll have the backyard space of your dreams.

Make sure it features pressure-treated wood posts and railings, as well as a built-in bench and planter. This will add huge value to your home while also being a great space to entertain your friends and family throughout the year. Just add some beautiful string lights and comfortable furniture to set the tone!

adding a deck

Front door replacement

You may not have thought that a front door replacement would make a difference in your home’s value, but replacing it with a steel door is actually a huge increase in property value. Home security is more important than ever and steel doors are the best way to secure a home.

This will cost you less than $2,000 and you will recoup almost 75% of your cost in doing so. You’ll enjoy a more secure space and so will future buyers. Make sure you get a 20-gauge steel door with a dual-pane and half-glass panel.

New garage door

Speaking of door replacements, you should definitely consider investing in a garage door replacement. These can cost a couple of thousand dollars, but replacing your old two-car garage door with a four-section garage door will definitely enhance curb appeal. You’ll likely recoup almost the entire cost when you go to sell your home making this an excellent investment. Choose one that is heavy-duty with a galvanized steel track and a motorized garage door opener.


Going energy-efficient in the home is the latest trend in home renovations and it’s one that will definitely benefit both you and future buyers. Swap your old appliances for energy-efficient ones that will end up lowering your utility bills and showing future buyers that they will save money each month too. Make choices in the home like installing fiberglass attic insulation and replacing old windows with energy-efficient ones.

Freshen up the landscaping

Finally, spend some time outside and freshen up your landscaping. This sets the first impression to your home and will affect your mood every time you pass by it on the way in and out of the house. You can add details like paver stones and fountains, but you’ll see a better return on choices like applying fertilizer and weed control, as well as applying a stone walkway with greenery.

These are the ways in which you can boost your property value through simple remodels that you will enjoy on a daily basis!