3 Types of Room Additions that can Increase Home Value

Adding onto your home is a great way to revamp a space that isn’t entirely working for you without switching to a new one completely. That’s why many choose to add on space that would make a big difference for their current situation which may not have been needed before or may be needed in the future.

While you may be thinking of turning that extra bedroom into a home office or a children’s play area, you can actually go about investing into a room addition that will expand common spaces like your kitchen. Take a look at the three types of room additions that you should consider to increase your home value.

Expanding your Kitchen

You may have never considered that one of the most common spaces in your home could be made bigger than it is and it’s not tied to the size it is now. This is referring to your kitchen where you spend all of your time feeding your family. Wouldn’t it be nice to have more dinner guests over or have more space to prep food for the week?

You don’t have to continue working with a smaller kitchen; expand your kitchen and you’ll actually add value to your home.  If you’re working with a cramped space that is hard to maneuver through, you’ll find that an expansion is the perfect way to make cooking in the kitchen fun again.

While you may like the look and feel of your kitchen, you’ll never be able to place a larger table in the space, give yourself more prep space, or replace your old appliances with something larger. Adding on to the kitchen will not only help make your daily kitchen needs more comfortable, but it will increase your home value.

Add on Another Bathroom

Don’t you hate how you have to share a bathroom with so many other family members and you can never quite enjoy getting ready each morning in peace?

It might be time for a bathroom add-on. Between the kids getting ready for school and parents getting ready for work, there is already so many trying to use the bathrooms you do have all at once. In addition, when you have house guests or friends stop by, now there are more people fighting for use of that one main bathroom. Adding on a bathroom is going to make a huge difference!

Your bathroom addition will not only resolve these situations, but plenty of bathrooms is also what home buyers are looking for. If you don’t have enough bathrooms currently, you may struggle to find a buyer that is interested in closing. Instead, take the guesswork out by adding on a bathroom and/or updating and remodeling your current one to increase the value and make your living space better functioning for your family.

small home addition - likely a bathroom

Add Another Story

While you may have thought about adding on to current spaces in your home to improve the appeal or function, it’s time to think out the box. What would it look like to add on a second story? This could be either a downstairs living area or it could be an upstairs suite.

This is a huge way to increase your home value and also appeal to potential buyers when it’s time to sell. While this is a huge money investment now, it will increase your home’s square footage, improve appeal for buyers, and give you a whole new outlook on your home’s function. This is a great way to create that master suite you’ve been dreaming or that area for the older kids to get together downstairs.

These three examples of room additions are exactly what you need to bring new life to the home while also increasing your home value in the process.